Criminal and felony defense

Criminal & Felony Defense

Pioneer Law Team has defended persons charged with misdemeanor crimes in Washington for many years.

CRIMINAL AND Felony Defense

Criminal charges can be the most difficult matters anyone can face. Convictions can result in some very serious ramifications, so it pays to have the best possible defense available. Currently the Pioneer Law Team is handling a small number of felony cases. The felonies handled privately include Assault, Voyeurism, Possession of Stolen Property and Indecent Liberties.

We take each case very seriously as there is a need to reach an outcome which is acceptable to you. A felony case often involves the hiring of an investigator to visit the scene of the alleged crime and to interview witnesses. Trial preparation is substantially greater than in misdemeanors. When compared with the potential loss of liberty for several months of incarceration, our fees are reasonable and reflect actual attorney hours to prevent the felony conviction.

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