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2000+ successful cases won

With decades of litigation experience, you can be confident you’ll obtain the best possible outcome with an established and respected trial team. Our team has seen virtually every circumstance and will plot the best legal strategy for success in your case.

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Oct 2023

DUI charge. We gave late night advice to our client during the arrest which resulted in proof issues for the prosecutor. Reduction to Reckless Driving.

Reduction to Reckless Driving
Sep 2023

Alleged workplace assault. We impeached adversarial witnesses through investigation and other witness statements.

Case set for dismissal
Jul 2023

Narcotics DUI investigated by a Seattle Police DRE detective. Our analysis revealed major problems with the initial investigation resulting in a motion to exclude the blood test results.

Case dismissed

"DUI Experts"

My facts could not have been worse. I had a second DUI offense in 7 years with a car accident and a .21 BAC level. Every other lawyer said I would probably do 45 days in jail if I didn’t go deferred. Pioneer Law Team identified a series of legal issues and filed motions for the criminal case, resulting in a major reduction to Negligent Driving without any jail time. They also beat the license suspension, which is clearly their forte. The outcome they got for me goes beyond words and is frankly jaw-dropping. They saved my life! I would highly recommend their extremely solid legal services to everyone charged with DUI. These guys are all legal geniuses!


I avoided jail, I avoided a license suspension, and even avoided a criminal conviction. I’m very happy with my legal services.

Brad, DUI Client

I had blown over twice the legal limit and my commercial driver’s license was at stake. A DUI conviction or a DOL loss would have ended my career as a truck driver. Pioneer Law Team was able to win my DOL hearing and get the prosecutor to reduce my DUI charge to a Reckless Driving, saving my commercial driver’s license and my job. Absolutely amazing work.

Eric, DUI Client
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license suspension dismissal

License Suspension Dismissal

After most DUI arrests you only have 7 days to challenge the Department of Licensing suspension or you lose your license automatically. We have handled and won hundreds of these DOL hearings and our track record is significantly better than average. Learn how we might prevail for you.

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Meet DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney, James Egan

Mr. Egan has represented over 1,000 clients (mainly DUI) and has conducted over 30 jury trials in and around Seattle-area courts, with a high success rate. James Egan is a past member of the National College for DUI Defense, and is certified in the instruction of National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration Field Sobriety Tests, as given by police officers to DUI suspects. James Egan has also taught other attorneys how to conduct jury trials through Legal Education courses at the Washington State Bar Association.

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